Trying to add multiple DNS server fails

OS type and version RHEL 9
Webmin version 2.105

I am trying to use multiple DNS servers. Networking, Network Configuration, Hostname and DNS Client, DNS servers field. (Side note, can you please increase contrast for field boxes?)

I am just using and for the DNS servers.

Failed to save DNS configuration : nmcli conn modify 142314da-f64d-31de-b6b9-fbffa56af6fe ipv4.dns; failed : Error: Failed to modify connection ‘ens192’: ipv4.dns: 1. DNS server address is invalid

nm-lib(line 680) shows when I mouse over the ?

if I manually edit the NM text file and restart NetworkManager, resolv.conf shows the new correct DNS servers.
However with Webmin , just going into that screen shows the new DNS servers but errors again trying to save even with no edits.

Its was a bug and is fixed. Patch is available on github or you can wait for next webmin release.


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I don’t know my way around github, any chance of a link please?

Can anyone help with this link please?

Would it be fair to say that this issue hasn’t actually been looked at?