Trouble with Nginx and LetsEncrypt


I installed Virtualmin a month ago and during the installation I think I missed something when upgrading PHP and installing Nginx with passenger.
On another server, everything went well.

Apache2 is disabled on both servers.

Server 1 : Problems

  • Nginx is installed in /opt (don't know why ...) (passenger installed too)
  • Check config shows me multiple PHP versions
  • VirtualMin's Nginx module is configured to /opt but won't allow me to create or see extisting conf. files than I created in /opt/nginx/conf.d/vhost
  • I used LetsEncrypt before messing up, and the certificate works.
  • I cannot renew or request a certificate, I have an endless loop while requesting but nothing happens.

Server 2 : No problem at all

  • Nginx is installed in /etc (passenger installed too)
  • VirtualMin's Nginx module is configured and will show me vhosts and allow me to create more.
  • LetsEncrypt works without any problem.

Any idea why I would have this difference and how I could diagnose Server 1 in order to repair it ?

Thank you very much, feel free to ask me if you need more informations.

Best regards,