Trouble upgrading my Webmin license

OS type and version Ubuntu 18.04
Virtualmin version 2.001
Webmin version 7.3-1 Pro

I just purchased the Cloudmin and Virtualmin licenses through the shop and thought after very little googling that Webmin and Cloudmin were one in the same. I cant seem to find a settings area or anywhere to use the Serial Number and Key on the Webmin side. I have found it easily on the Virtualmin side.

I know it will be something stupid but any help appreciated.

I believe I have found my own solution.

Still looking for the upgrade url to download the proper install script.

I figured it out

For anyone who stumbles across this, you MUST click on the copy serial number icon on the right side, as the links for direct download for Cloudmin and some serial and links.

I really recommend you guys spread that link around a little more more and get some better SEO for it and for ease of acces.

Just a thought

Sorry for the confusion. Webmin and Cloudmin aren’t the same…but Cloudmin is a Webmin module (plus an installer and some packages and such). Likewise for Virtualmin. All run in Webmin. If you just install Webmin from, you will not have Virtualmin or Cloudmin, as they have a big list of dependencies and expectations about configuration of the system that Webmin cannot assume is available (and wouldn’t be appropriate for a general purpose and light weight tool like Webmin, which is used on a wide array of devices from embedded on up to big servers, doing a wide variety of things).

Webmin doesn’t need a license. It’s Open Source and there is no Pro version. Only Virtualmin and Cloudmin have Pro versions. It’s possible to upgrade from the free versions of either Virtualmin or Cloudmin to the Pro version within the GUI. But, if you’re starting from scratch on a freshly installed OS you will want to use the Pro links found on your Software Licenses page on, as you figured out.