Trouble Managing IMAP Users

VM Pro on CentOS 6

More and more I find users preferring IMAP to POP, and this means the disk quota issue becomes more important. So I have enabled disk quota monitoring, and I have created a custom email to send when an mail account reaches 80% (Limits & Validation >> Disk Quota Monitoring).

I think my setup is fairly standard - so I have an admin mail+FTP user, and typically there will be a number of other mail users. But with this setup I seem to have a problem: My nice custom email gets sent to any over-quota user other than the primary user. Of course I can enable “Also notify admins who are over quota?”. That does seem to work, except they get a different email, one that I know many of my users may not understand that well e.g.

Server Quota Usage Status 1024 MB 822 MB Reached 80 %

Sent by Virtualmin at:

So my question is: Is there a way I can customize this email? Or, better still, can I have just one “over quota” email that gets sent to all users? (Or am I misunderstanding something!)


I’m not sure why it’s not possible to change the email message for admin users at the moment, but it can’t hurt to ask Jamie if he’d consider adding such a feature.

My suggestion would be to open a new Support request, using the Support link above, and then post your request there where Jamie can offer his input. Thanks!


Will do Eric.