I currently am hosting on a Fedora Core 1 dedicated server, and am considering installing Virtualmin pro. I am also considering moving to a new hosting provider, which will likely be runnning on Fedora core 2.

My question is, how transportable will the Virtualmin installation be? In other words, will it be possible to backup the installation on the Core 1 server and restore it on the new server, in the process creating all the users, servers, applications, etc?

Thanks for any input you have.


Hey Ivan,

Domains should be easily transportable between similar (i.e. default, or close to default) installations of Virtualmin GPL or Virtualmin Professional.

Unfortunately, however, Fedora Core 1 and Core 2 will never be fully supported operating systems for Virtualmin Professional. They have both been end of lifed by Fedora for some time, and really shouldn’t be used for new server deployments. Fedora Core 3 through 5 are supported. 4 or 5 are recommended because they have a longer life ahead of them–3 will be EOL’ed quite soon. If you like to stick with an OS for a long time, RHEL or CentOS are good choices–they have a much longer life cycle (five years from first release, so version 4 still has over three years of supported life in it). Fedora is a nice OS (I use it on all of my personal machines), but the short life cycle makes it less fun for servers…upgrading every couple of years is pretty much mandatory to keep things secure and up to date, though the Fedora Legacy project makes this problem somewhat less pronounced.

Thanks for the reply, Joe. I noticed after my post that only Fedora 3-5 is supported.

I’ve spoken with my hosting provider, they’ve agreed to re-image my host with Core 5. So I think this is the way I’ll go, starting out with a fresh OS install and a fresh install of Virtualmin pro.