Transfere a hole server - best way?

Hi all

I will transfere all my sites to a new Server. The new one should also be a CentOs 5.6 (but 64bit) with webmin and virtualmin. So I have some questions.

  1. Should the users stored in a LDAP database like I did it on my old server? I will use only one server. Which way is to prefere?
  2. Must I config all mysql, php, postfix, ldap, … settings by hand or is there a better way?
  3. What is the best way to transfere the host (Virtualmin Backup)?
  4. Inside the Virtualmin Backup are there also stored the Server configs (mysql, http,…)?

My old server is setup like this documentation:,centos_5_install

thx in advance

On the new machine, use the Virtualmin installer to get everything set up.

Then create a full backup of each domain on the old machine, you can create them in one go and have them scp’ed into a dir on the new machine.

There, restore all backups, and you should be set. The restore UI even handles multiple backups/domains at once.

A backup contains compressed apache/bind/php/whatnot configurations, all files from the home directory, database dumps plus more, so while you’re moving from and to similar software versions (eg not from dovecot 1 to 2 in one go), 32bit vs 64bit shouldn’t be an issue.