Transfer virtual server from virtualmin GPL to pro

Hi, i have a question. I have a server with webmin installed. I use virtualmin GPL to manage a lot of virtual servers. May i have some problems with the virtual servers i still create if i want to change to virtualmin PRO?


You should be able to upgrade from Virtualmin GPL to Virtualmin Pro with no problems.

Your existing virtual servers should continue to work fine, you’ll just have access to the additional features the Pro version provides.

The best way to do it would be to use the "Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro" link under "System Settings".

While this typically does “just work”, you’ll certainly want to make sure you have a backup available just in case!

To add to Eric’s comments, you may find that some features are not automatically enabled after upgrading. This is to avoid service disruption. Mail processing, in particular, is almost always different when going from GPL to Professional (though we’ve recently merged the Pro spam/AV filtering features into GPL, so hopefully in the future most people who use the install script for GPL installation will automatically have all of the Pro stuff when upgraded).

Anyway, you can enable those features once upgraded–though you may have to undo any mail processing configuration you did on your own to make it all work. We’re happy to help with that stuff–just file a ticket or post here in the forumm.