Transfer email to new server?


I am in the process of replacing my VPS with a more powerful one.
I’m slowly moving over all of my sites etc but I also have a few IMAP email accounts.

Is there an easy way to move all these emails from the old server to the new one?

Any advice appreciated.



Actually, a really easy way of transferring a Virtual Server from one server to another – including all the websites, databases, and email – would be to use Virtualmin to generate a backup of all your domains, and then perform a restore of them on your new server.

If you’re only looking to move email for a few accounts, and those accounts already are created on your new server, you could always transfer the “Maildir” directory for each of those accounts from your old server to your new one.


I agree with Eric here!

An additional hint, in case the suggested methods don’t work: You can use email clients like TheBat, configuring IMAP accounts on both the old and new server there, to copy the emails via IMAP protocol. Takes longer of course, since the emails need to be down- and uploaded, but it’s an alternative and usually works well.

Hi, thanks for the help!
I’ve imported the data from the backup and all the files seem to be in the right place as far as I can tell. However, the website is not responding when I try to access it.

Can you suggest anything?



What error(s) do you receive exactly when trying to access your website?

If you attempt to restart Apache from the command line, do you see any errors or warnings?

And one other thing you may want to check is the DNS report you can get at… you may want to plug your domain in over there and see if they list any errors.


Like Eric said, “site is not responding” is not a valid problem description. That’s like phoning the garage and saying “my car doesn’t work, why?” :slight_smile:

You need to describe what exactly you tried, and what exactly happened instead of what you were expecting.

In case you tried webbrowsing to the site: check what Eric suggested, also try to ping the host and the IP, try to telnet <hostname> 80 to the web server. This way you can narrow the problem down to “DNS failure, possible firewalling issue, service not running, Apache serving wrong site” and other possible reasons.

Okay, do this on your local machine:



ping <IP of your new server>

telnet <IP of your new server> 80

What happens?

Sorry, I was being stupid!

My server has two IP addresses and I was pointing to the wrong one!


I get no errors when restarting Apache.

This is what I get when trying to load up the page:

“The server is taking too long to respond.”

I haven’t actually changed the DNS records over yet, I’ve just edited my local hosts file to point at the new server’s IP address.