Transering Pro Scripts/Software from One Server to Another

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Webmin version 1.991
Virtualmin version 7.0-4
Related packages Pro Scripts

Hello @staff Team,

As you would know I am a paid member of Virtualmin because of which we have got access to pro scripts/software that we can install and test.

We generally do the installation on Test Server and if everything goes as per the plan, we promote it to the Prod environment.

But because we have got only 1 licence, I want to know when it comes to promoting the software to the Production environment, will be a good idea to back it up from the test server, restore on the new one, change virtual server name?
Should I remove pro license code from Test Server and install it on Prod and then do the whole thing again on Prod?

Which one will be a better option (from time, effort, error free etc. perspective)?

Many Thanks,

We do allow the same licence to be used on a production and test server at the same time.

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So can I use the same id on 2 maybe 10 different systems and it will accept everywhere? And I can have the pro version installed on all my servers?

No, you can only use the same serial number on two systems.

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Oh cool… so as long as I have 2 systems (server) same code should work in 2 places. That’s good to know.

So coming back to the original question: there is no need to backup, restore and rename the virtual server… Right? It’s easier to play on the test server and once everything works as expected then replicate the steps on the Prod Server. Right?

As long as one of the servers is temporary test server, which is usually used for migration.


I didn’t realise it could be used on both test and prod servers at the same time. This will really helpful to me soon.

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Are there any restrictions on how many Virtual Servers or Sub Server (Domain/SubDomains) a particular physical box can have with the licence?

So can I have it on 2 servers at the same time and run both of them in parallel?

It depends on the license size (10/50/100/250/Unlimited) purchased.

No! You can only use it on two systems when migrating for a limited period of time, as one license is limited to be used only on one server.

Yes, I just realised it.

I am getting an error:
A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license :
Your system is licensed for only 10 servers, but you have 12. A renewal can be purchased at Virtualmin Shop

However, the fact of the matter is: I have only 4 servers and one of them has got 7 subdomains in it.

So will it still be treated as 12? If yes, then that’s a shame.

This way the production server will have around 20 servers. So if that is the case which licence I will need and how much will it cost me? Can you pls share the appropriate link?

In Virtualmin, a virtual server is counted as a domain or subdomain / sub-server

If sub-servers were not counted as virtual servers then one could buy an entry-level Virtualmin licence and host potentially an infinite number of websites on it, which defeats the purpose of having different licences at different price points.

It makes perfect sense to me to count a domain or subdomain / sub-server as a virtual server.

I understand your logic but don’t agree with it from practical perspective.

Why will someone create a domain called: and then create an unlimited subdomain under it… it will be almost impossible to sell it to people… what will you tell them? Oh, your website is hosted with us as:

If someone has to cheat the system he would rather make it:

I meant sub-server when I said subdomain. I have edited my previous message accordingly.

As you are probably aware, a sub-server can be used to host subdomains as well as domains. In this context I repeat that which I had stated earlier - it would defeat the purpose of having different licences at different price points if sub-servers were not counted as a unit of a Virtualmin licence.