Trace email origin from virtualmin server

hi guys,
i have a website on my virtualmin server that is sending an email to my personal email account. Trouble is, its an old Adobe Muse website and i no longer have the original muse files that i can use to get into the website backend via Muse to edit the contact form email address.

I know the contact form is working because its sending emails by default to my personal email account.

Believe it or not, i cannot figure out which user on my server the damn email is coming from. I use Outlook on an iMac and im stuffed if i know how to get the damn iMac to show email headers for Outlook (im a windows person).

How can i trace which email account on my virtualmin system from where the contact form is sending out emails from this website i host? (its too problematic to simply go clicking through account after account trying to figure it out…i have lots of email accounts and websites on my server.

I suspect that the server is using mail forwarding from one of the accounts but i cannot figure out which one.

Hmm. This is a real knotty issue. You are unable to examine headers; so the only way forward is to check the logs. You could trigger the form to mail by filling out the form with dummy data and then immediately after, search the logs for activity


Check this article on how to check email headers in Outlook for the Mac.

View Full Headers in Outlook 2016 for Mac | IT@Cornell

*** The article covers Outlook 2026 – if you have another version please specify. ***

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