Totally locked out of my old account since website upgrade

Hello, I manage to login creating a new account but since the upgrade my existing pro account can not be used. I need an admin to look at it please. I will send my Email by PM. Also I need to VPN to Atlanta. I can not reach your site from Europe, or Switzerland where i live without the VPN. I have been trying for 4 hours now.

Please help.

Managed to login from my phone.
One problem is that in the few moments i was able to reach the server, I was putting an old password but instead of wrong password message i got that i had not got the captcha right. Well I managed to login to my old pro account from my phone and i got the license key… guao almost 5 hours. logging in should be easy for paying clients and difficult for hackers but this is one step ahead. Almost impossible to login.

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Sorry for the inconvenience!

We recently switched to a different CAPTCHA, I guess it has some problems that didn’t show up in testing. Though Ilia, who made the change, is also in Europe and didn’t see any problems. I’ll do some more testing and research to see if there are any known issues or recent outages that would explain the problems you saw.

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