Top Level Domain as an Alias/Redirect?


Sorry, ahead of time im a noob at this.

So, im not sure what exactly alias’s are in the context of domain names but from what i guess thats what i need, i might be wrong.

But basically i have 2 domains registered through my registrar (say godaddy), and lets say the 2 domain names are and

Basically, i have installed virtualmin on my server, have nameservers setup for and created a virtualmin virtual server (thats what its called) for and its all working fine (website live).

Now i want to be the SAME as Basically a redirect, or someway to actually link to Basically, i want say to be linking to the SAME (not a copy, but the same) image thats stored under That basically means, i want to be able to browse the entire using the (and still having on my address bar where ever i go within the site).

Im assuming this is what aliasing is? If so, how do i set this up?

Also, please note, i still want the ability to receive emails/email forwarding etc as too if at all possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Yup, an alias would do the trick!

All you have to do is go into Create Virtual Server, and choose an Alias server. That will setup your second domain to point to the same website as the first.


So i select (virtual server), and click Create Virtual Server, then select Alias of, and then fill in the blanks?

I tried that. But now the resulting virtual server dosent have many options. Like mail aliases (forwarding), etc… I guess you cant really have db’s or users under such domain, but how would you go about doing mail forwarding?

Well, the idea is that since they’re aliases – everything you do to the main domain is also done to the alias.

So, most of the options are only going to be available to the primary domain – but options you set in that primary domain are generally also done to the alias. Email addresses you add to the primary are also added to the alias… and so on.

Does that make sense?


I see, that makes sense yes.

So that means, if i create a mail alias on the, say and have it redirected to my main email address say; now after setting up the domain as an alias of, would i get emails coming to redirected to my gmail also without me having to setup anything?

Yup, that’s correct!

Will that do what you’re after?


Yup, Thats perfect. thats exactly what i was after.

Thanks so much for your help Eric. Lightning fast and super helpful as usual :slight_smile:


I just discovered the option “Server Configuration” -> “Edit Proxy Website” option.

It basically does what i need as well.

so if i do this for the, and add the proxy address, when you visit, you actually view the page (address bar still says This is the same for any link within

So, does this way do exactly what i need too? Without duplicating email forwarding? as in can be redirected differently to