To be sure LETSENCRYPT only update renew button question virtualmin 6

VM 6x installed box CENTOS 7 end of august 2017

LETSENCRYPT only update renew button as far as i remember this button did something (15 september 2017 used it for last time)

Now pushing that button it don’t renew, ( renew time is at 2 Month’s) but before pusing that putting renews and new date for LE CERT now not working this way.

New virtualserver and making new LE cert is still working.

So or i’m doing something wrong or don’t understand the words meaning of the button text [only update renewal]

i was thinking pushing that button renews LE CERT and therefore the date and so on it isn’t here. ( LE CERT date is still the old one as before but still valid date because within the two months)

Webmin version 1.852
Usermin version 1.720
Virtualmin version 6.01 so this one as also i think Webmin version is updated after the 15 september

Tested more Virtualservers with alias domains

DIDn’t find a log with more info as for example such

the [request Certificate] Button does a renewal date and so on ofcourse:
“Last successful renewal 09/Oct/2017 12:20”

So maybe its only me don’t understanding the text for that button [only update renewal] and the function/purpose for this one