TLS-RPT - support for sending out TLS reports from the mailserver

VirtualMin supports running a local MTA and the client-side of DMARC. Maybe a wishlist item to also start supporting the server-side and start responding to RUA and RUF instructions?

It would require quite a bit of work: collecting the data, scheduling a cron to (daily) send out the mail in the required formats, adding config to enable and configure it.

The Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) as per RFC6591 should support Authentication Failure Reporting Format (AFRF) and Incident Object Description (IODEF).

You would first need to install SPF Policy Agent for Postfix and of course DKIM first and set them up accordingly. There are several tutorials on the web that can guide you.
Example for Ubuntu Server:

After you can than install and setup DMARC for Postfix to do exactly what you are asking for by sending out reports.

These are just examples and I encourage you to read up on SPF and DMARC before installing them.

Good Luck!

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Tip: for testing to see if your TLS-RPT reports work correctly, try using

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