Timeframe for VirtualMin Pro on Ubuntu 22.04?

Hi folks

I’ve got a server that’s getting a bit long in the tooth, it’s running Ubuntu 16.04.
It’s been running great, but now I’m finding it hard to get php8 modules.

I’ve built a new server ready to migrate sites to running Ubuntu 22.04, but I notice support for the current LTS Ubuntu isn’t out yet.

The thread (Virtualmin 7 Installer beta ) on the beta seems to have gone quiet… is there an ETA for the release?

Or should I blow away my 22.04 LTS server and create a 20.04?

Thanks, Al


I believe the final stable version is getting pretty close with work being done on a few final modules.

The team doesn’t typically give ETAs as this often leads to disappointment if anything ends up being delayed.

Remain patient friend, things will get wrapped up and a final stable release should be around the corner.

Feel free to give the beta installer a try and let us know if you find any quirks or if it works as intended.

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I notice the beta is gpl - if I do the beta installer (quite happy to), can I switch to the Pro later?


There may be some pro features in the works, however upgrading is always possible. However it may just be the installer that lacks something in it ATM.

The installer works for Pro or GPL. Just put your serial number and license key in the install.sh in the variables named “SERIAL” and “KEY” (virtualmin-install/virtualmin-install.sh at ed0684a79b7ea458f64a1fa8615af4337f3c5c4b · virtualmin/virtualmin-install · GitHub)

If you want to use Ubuntu 22.04, use the beta installer. It is close enough to finished that I can’t imagine anything will change. There are known bugs (fixed in git) in Webmin and Virtualmin (and virtualmin-nginx), but most of those known bugs effect everybody, regardless of which installer you use. We’re just waiting for the new releases to call it stable, because we don’t want to call it stable when there are known bugs.

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Ah, I’ve already run the installer without modifying the install.sh file.
If I try to Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro it can’t find the release file - assuming that’s because it’s not stable yet?

One of several known bugs (well, not really a bug…we changed the way repos are laid out after the most recent version of the virtual-server module). It’s fixed in the next virtual-server module version.

Hope you’re health is getting better Joe, thanks for all your help


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