Time server sync errror on Debian with chrony instead of ntpdate

OS type and version Proxmox Debian Linux 12.5, Linux 6.8.4-3-pve on x86_64
Webmin version Webmin 2.111
Installed chrony and uninstalled ntpdate, ntpsec-ntpdate, ntpsec-ntpdig and python3-ntp.
Got error on “Sync and Apply” in module “System Time” → Time server sync
" Unknown service : chronydsystemd-timesyncd"
systemd time-sync.target and time-set.target is active but unconfigured in /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf. Package systemd-timesyncd is not installed.

Did you try to install systemd-timesyncd seeing it says its not installed.

apt install systemd-timesyncd

No because I’ve installed chrony as the time server and client. I don’t need two services.

Ok not sure then sorry, I normally stick to what the OS uses. Maybe someone else can help.

New proxmox installations use chrony as default, says upgrade notice. I am installing Proxmox 8 in vbox vm so i can check how they do on new installations. An earlier release-note for webmin says there is support for chrony.

You may need to contact Jamie how that change is done, sounds like Webmin is configured for the old time server, I can’t see any obvious way to change in the config.

If you’re using chrony, don’t use the System Time module (which does not support chrony).

To be clear, you don’t need the System Time module if you are using chrony. It doesn’t make sense to have multiple things trying to sync time. The System Time module configures a handful of common time sync options (and a very minimalist cron-based sync method), but chrony isn’t one of them.

Oops. I lied. It actually does support chrony. Weird.

But, I’m not sure where you’re getting chronydsystemd-timesyncd from. That’s not a default anywhere in Webmin.

The real issue is that the Chrony service is named differently on Debian systems. This will be fixed in the next Webmin release.

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Thank you. I’ll disable scheduled time sync when I’ve installed the next release because I can’t do it now :slight_smile:

You can, in fact, use systemd-timesyncd on Debian systems instead of Chrony. You absolutely didn’t need to install Chrony on Debian.

If you want to sync time on Debian/Ubuntu, you can just run:

systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd

To revert it, you would want to run:

apt-get purge chrony
apt-get install systemd-timesyncd

@Joe, perhaps this is something we should do on EL systems as well? The package systemd-timesyncd is also available in EL and its derivatives.

No! We already had this conversation, at least twice, maybe more. We should not be messing with people’s time package decisions. Every distro we support comes pre-configured with some kind of time. We should not override that. We don’t mess with people’s OS decisions, we only install the packages we need.

Thanks! I remember now! I incorrectly assumed that Chrony is a package we install. I checked yum-groups and we don’t.

So, all good!