Time keeps changing itself?

I have changed my system time at least 5 times now, and it keeps resetting to a time that is 5 hours off of the real time. For example it is 11:17 right now, and it resets itself to 6:17.

The time zone settings are correct. I am not sure what keeps overriding the settings I manually change?

Furthermore, time sync is giving me some issues. For example, I have tried as server “north-america.pool.ntp.org” - and 4/5 times I get the error that no servers are found. Is there any way I can improve the reliability of this?

Thank you

Can you pinpoint the actual time of day or periodicity which your clock changes itself, and does it match the schedule on the “Time server sync” tab? Also, I’ve found sometimes, that the choice of NTP servers can result in the time being off by hours. I’d change servers.

I wish VM let us set a list of NTP servers instead of just the one.

Virtualmin time settings are under Usermin | Hardware | System Time. I use time-b.nist.gov and checked “Set hardware time too”. You might still want to boot into BIOS and see if your hw clock is set right. VM might not be able to adjust it as intended. I have a foggy memory of seeing a setting buried elsewhere for VM to “use UTC time” or something like that. UTC is actually the convention.