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As far as I know there isnt a webmin module for a ‘helpdesk’/ ticketing system that can integrate with existing users. Yes there are stand alone systems you can install bla bla but I am after a central service for all users integrated with Virtualmin/Webmin users. Email is email and Rocket.Chat is chat.

Anyone using a ticketing system which has been integrated with Virtualmin/Webmin users?


No, Virtualmin does NOT have a ticketing system for such use case scenarios.

Now, as you mentioned you can install an external ticket system, and IF you want a way to link to it from within Virtualmin you CAN.

Within the “Theme Configuration” screen you can navigate to “Navigation Menu”, then locate “Extra Entries” and by creating a JSON object the link will be added to the left menu.


{‘extra’: [{‘title’: ‘Adminer’,‘link’: ‘https://web4.tpnservers.com/adminer/’,'target’: ‘_blank’, ‘icon’: ‘database’,‘level’: ‘0,1,2,3,4’}]}

The above creates a link called “Adminer” with a database icon, and links to the installation of Adminer on this particular server. (real example)


That’s pretty slick. Didn’t know you could do that.

Thanks. That is a link which is great. I’m talking more of a user integration. You have a number of domains/users and they can use the ticketing system. Suppose you could create ldap or other means of user base to centralise usage but would have been better with a real module integrated.

There are pre and post scripts you can run to perform actions like creating/updating users in another system when creating or modifying a domain. That’s how I’d handle it on a small scale. On a larger scale (many Virtualmin servers), LDAP or similar begins to make more sense.

It’s also possible to go the other way and have your ticketing system (or billing system, shopping cart, whatever) call Virtualmin to create domains on transaction completion or whatever. There’s both a local and remote API for that.

Or, if your ticket system supports PAM authentication, you could have it auth to the system users (though this is probably tricky from a security perspective).

Yeah can use a 3rd party billing/hosting/ticketing system. But services not maintained, worry about security implications unless you go with something that is developed and maintained e.g. whmcs. The latter for larger orgs. Size like me, for simplicity probably best for now to use stand alone ticketing, create a menu link with separate user base. Shame there is not a webmin module available. Thanks all for feedback.

I was thinking making it more obvious with visual link displaying and inline editing, so there would be no need to interact with JSON and etc, but I wasn’t sure if that would be used by anyone…

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