This topic is closed automatically after 30 days. Why?

I was looking for solutions to a problem I encountered with Virtualmin and I found others having the same issue months or even years back. After I figured the solution myself I wanted to let others know and where is that better than in the same posts I tried myself. However, those posts are closed. Why ? Is the lifetime of a software that short so its problems become deprecated after 1 month or 1 year ?

you figured solutions and while not posting it out or not shared, the topic will get closed not deleted… it will be still there… this means no one would post 7 years after the solution would be obvious… - what a dummy question man - it prevent zombie replies to solutions already out there.

Man, you believe that each problem has a solution on your forum and the solution is found within the first 30 days. What can I say, the things aren’t working that way unfortunately. Take a peek to stackoverflow’s huge success and its answers history. They must’ve done it right. Cheers.

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