This forum??? Search? Notifications of answers?

Forgive my ignorance. Maybe it’s not just me…

I can’t see anywhere that I can search this forum and I don’t know when someone answers a question. I can see that I can follow and entire topic, but I don’t want that many notifications.

hi arretx for sure you can :slight_smile:

its located under your profile called account > click track… yeah this forums are a bit behind but they serve :wink:

There are several ways to get notifications:

When you post, there will be a checkbox at the end saying “Notify me when new comments are posted”. If you check that box, you’ll be subscribed to all comments on the thread.

You can subscribe to whole topics in the Notifications tab on the Account page.

And, as unborn mentioned, you can track all of the threads you’re involved in on the Track page.

For search, there is a “Search the forums” field at the very top of the Forums page. You can’t miss it (except, obviously, you can, since you did!). Trust me, it’s there. Just click on “Forums” and it’s the first thing you see before any of the categories. :wink:

There is also a “Site Search” link on every page at the bottom (it’s also linked from the Support tab in the top menu). You can restrict it to forum posts by selecting the “Forum Topic” box in the Advanced search section. But, if you want to search just forum posts, going to Forums and using that form is simpler as it’s just one field with no options.