Theme not updating from 18.20 > 18.31

Not a big issue, but the theme update failed.

Current theme: 18.20
New theme: 18.31
OS: CentOS 6.8 (32bit)

Not sure if that is related, but the github link that the ‘download’ button is linked to is dead:

hi flamerproof: same issue here… the correct link is:

so need to install manually I guess, right? I might wait then for the next upgrade

Yes, it’ll need to be manual. This occurred because the way Ilia was doing releases before had them integrated into the git repository, which led to huge downloads for developers working with it (once there were a bunch of versions in the repo). He’s cleaned that up, but it means that the old link has broken. I probably should have asked him to keep a link to the current version in there until the next Webmin release comes out and fixes it, but I didn’t think of it until after it happened. :wink:

The good news is that Ilia is now using release tagging at github, which is much more scalable and allows the git repository itself to be small (this is super important for me, because I work on 3G/4G internet most of the time).

So, yeah, you can either wait until the next Webmin release or install it by copying that link into the upgrade form.