The size of MySql Databases Virtualmin creates.


I would like to know please being as virtualmin uses the same ‘virtual server’ username/password for the database access would having 100 databases per ‘virtual server’ slow down my vps. They would be wordpress databases. I am only used to creating individual databases with cpanel that each have there own individual username/password/databasename and not a shared username/password which could become a security risk if a server got hacked.

Is there a way I could create a individual username/password for each database I create to make it more secure? I know it maybe possible in webmin but when you install virtualmin that option is removed.

Thank you kindly in advance.

Any information with regards to my question?

All I would like to know please is if there are 100 websites on one virtual server account and they are made using 100 databases then would that slow the server down being as it uses the same username and password as the users virtual server login.

Also can a user of the virtual server create his own password with the secure password option enabled and if yes how please? I am asking this as if that persons virtual server is hacked then all there databases will be accessable as they would have used the same details as the hacker used to get into there virtual server. If each database had a unique password then it would make them more secure.

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I don’t think that’s going to cause you any noticeable performance issues… but if you’re concerned about that, you could always run some tests/benchmarks to find out :slight_smile:

However, I personally wouldn’t be concerned about that.

Virtual Server owners can create their own database users if they want – by going into Edit Users, create a new user, and in “Other user permissions”, grant them permission to a database.