"The sad state of self-hosted webmail" on Reddit

I added info about Virtualmin here:

Surely other community members have some feedback :slight_smile:


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Thanks, Marc!

I’m not a heavy webmail user and than always Roundcube was all I needed. Also the webmin webmail is basic but nice and clean. Good addition to the redit post :smile:
So I don’t think it is a really sad state, the poster should not expect an enterprise system for free.

What is a sad state, but different topic, the delivery of self hosted email. MS and Gmail blocking perfectly configurated webservers and sending them to the spam box by default :sleepy:

I haven’t noticed. I use GMail (not MS) though not exclusively, my spam box there only gets what I put into it and I frequently use that GMail account for testing the “self hosted” Virtualmin user accounts. I would also be the last to describe those as “perfectly configured”

As for webmail - Roundcube is perfectly adequate. If a user wants something better I always point them at Mozilla’s Thunderbird which has a pretty extensive set of add ons.

Hi Stegan,

Because it is a bit off topic, I was going to open a new topic for it and try to learn from each other how to fix this. Some time ago, my emails always end up in the Gmail spam. It was frustrating since I configured SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Test mail tools give me a 100% score, still it ends up in the spam.

But before opening the topic, I tried it one more time and now it get’s delivered without a problem. I’m happy and my conclusion was premature. Sorry about that. Maybe it took some time for all the settings to get accepted?

So, one problem more that is fixed :+1:

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