the "From:-E-Mail-Address" field in addressbook

hi @all,

what is the sense of the "From:-E-Mail-Adress" field in the adress book?
following scenario, repro with a

  • receive a message from and take over the mail-address in the address book by clicking on it
  • now open the address book an edit this new entry and choose in the "From:…" field "yes, as default"
  • reload browser-page, now you are logged in your mailbox, but with the default-set "from" address…
  • now feel free to send messages as!

is it possible to disable this “From:-E-Mail-Adress” field for users? i didn’t find it.


webmin > usermin configuration > usermin module configuration > read mail > in "user from addresses" > allow editing of From: address > set from yes to no

that’s it!

I have a virtual server setup along with an alias domain. The client has decided he mostly want to use the alias now in his email address. Is there anyway to make webmail default to the alias domain name instead the virtual server domain name?


Like mom, I found the answer to my own question.

I just needed to add my clients domain alias email address to his webmail address book and then select it as the default from.