The procmail command in the Postfix configuration does not exist

Hello. I installed webmin and virtualmin on Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64 a few hours ago and i can’t get rid of this error message:


I tryed to solve it using the forums, and i modified the /etc/postfix/ file:


Then i tryed to install procmail-wrapper:


Sorry for the 3 posts, but as a new user i only able to post one image per reply.

Did you use the script we provide on the downloads page at It should have installed everything for you and setup our repositories. It looks like that’s not the case here. We strongly recommend against doing a manual installation, unless you’re extremely familiar with all of the components.

I followed this guide:

Edit: Thats Webmin… So i intalled this one as a new package in webmin:

No, don’t do that. It’s right on the front page of our website. Click the “Download” link (or just click this: ). Don’t follow random guides on the internet when we have clear docs.