The page for editing a database displays a single table

The config module for databases is this.

Some databases have over 500 entries, including tables and indexes.
I would expect to see a number of entries per page and the ability to navigate to the next page.
Instead this appears and to see the table I have to change the module configurations with a value greater than the total of the entries, then wait for them all to be displayed.

If I could avoid this, I would avoid installing phpmyadmin (which is causing me more problems).

OS type and version Debian 12
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.10.0 Pro
Related packages MariaDB

a possible workaround, perhaps not perfect at all — use the TABLES MATCHING item (search box/filter??) to have a subset of tables displayed?

one possible description for your enhancement request (if I understand it) is for the implementation of pagination — other readers please correct me if that is the wrong term.

Pagination is not the solution because only one line appears.
Considering that applications now often use a prefix to the tables they create, your suggestion is useful by selecting this prefix.
Where the prefix is not present, the only solution is to increase the number of lines displayed.

but doesn’t this come down to database management?

simply too many tables and indexes to keep a handle on?

There is more information on one page.
However, I find that it is more convenient to see 500 records in 10 pages of 50 lines, than a list with 500 lines to pass through one by one.

Obviously I am not understanding as I would have much fewer than 50 lines by using one or more prefix to group the tables and indexes. By managing them in such a way prevents large unwieldly lists.

Of course if you are letting novice users (or worse novice programmers) generate tables …

Joomla uses the prefix. Virtuemart, one of its ecommerce extensions, does not use it.
In all there are over 500 tables and indexes.
I don’t know whether they are novices or not, but I know that this is the situation.

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So it sounds like Joomla has thought this through and is using a prefix. However one of its extensions/plugins has not. Just typical! (reminiscent of WP extensions/plugins). I can now better understand your problem. (I would be moving the DB out to a dedicated server - it sounds too big or has the potential to grow too big )

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