The new website is now live!


I’m excited to share that we’ve launched a new website after six months of hard work. The site has been completely updated, including the documentation which is now in markdown format. This makes it easier for the community to contribute changes via our GitHub repository at virtualmin/

The pages which have Suggest Changes link can be submitted for improvements via PR.

If you notice any issues or something not working correctly, please don’t hesitate to let me know.



Great job, @Ilia

Perhaps I can recommend using a different font (more modern)?


We use the Roboto fonts across all our products. I find it to have a contemporary look that I personally really like. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries. It is similar to Roboto. I just find it more pleasing looking. Zorin OS uses it.
That is how I found out about it when exploring different distros.

It looks good too!

Nice, great work guys!

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Interesting look, but nothing about what Virtualmin is or is for?

There is, if you scroll the page!

I can program (ok’ish) but I have never figured out how to submit PR on GitHub, does anyone have any links they can give me?

Maybe a Read More button that smooth slides down to when it turns into the blue top menu. When I first open it up I thought that was the full page and didn’t think there was more content. Also would a H1 help google search?

Fork the repo, make changes and propose a PR. Read more.

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I do like the documentation is clear an easy to follow. I have noticed improvements in it such as a command on how to install PHP extensions for all PHP versions, very handy.

Is this thread best for suggestions or should i start a new thread in site feedback?

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If it’s a website related, you can post it here.


  • The link in the menu for changelog points to:
  • But there is this page
  • I think the link for changelog menu item should point to the changlog for virtualmin/webmin.
  • I am not sure what the /archives/ page is actually showing, is it updates to the documentation?
  • should /archives/ have a note at the top saying it is the changelog of document changes rather that just changelog

P.S. The site has a modern feel but is not over complex and is easy to use. It is appreciated :smile:

Does the Alien have a name? :smile:

Yeah, I have completely forgotten about it. I will have to look into it and make sure that only changelogs are added in that category. Thanks for pointing this out!

Thanks, that was my goal! A world jam-packed with information mess! There are too many packed websites around, trying too hard to dump everything at once, right from the first page. Instead of just letting a user know where they’ve landed and what to expect, they push too much, too fast, making it feel like a loud “pick-me” contest.

Great question! Hey @Joe, what’s the robot’s name?

All should be fixed now!

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just checked and it is working for me.

Just incase :smile: , did you see the my note about the master repo being missing so the edit links at the top of the documentation don’t point to the right place.

I don’t understand, sorry. There is no master branch, only main, e.g.:

if you look at this page: at the top there is Suggested Changes link


this link is

and then when you navigate to it you get the following

So the suggested changes are pointing to master and not main

I think my post from earlier has dissapeared or I never hit send. weired. :smile:

Fixed now! The link was indeed pointing to master and redirected internally on GitHub side to main. I missed that. Thanks!

My apologies, I misinterpreted your initial question. All good now.

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