The nameservers step on Virtualmin install. What do I enter?

Hi folks,

It’s my first time posting here and - as you may have gathered from the thread title - it’s my first time working with Virtualmin also :slight_smile:

To summarise my setup… I’m running with Ubuntu 16.04 Server on a small Amazon EC2 instance. To this instance I have attached a static, public IP (an “Elastic IP”) and I have a domain pointed to this IP via A records. For clarity… this web domain is registered with my local registrar in Ireland, not with Amazon’s own Route53 service

I have Webmin up and running (no major config changes yet) and I have just bolted on Virtualmin and run through the guided setup. Where I’m having difficulty is the step where it asks for the Primary and Secondary Nameservers. I don’t quite understand what is being asked for here

The interface auto-populates the Primary Nameserver field with what AWS refer to as the “Private DNS” of the instance ( but this isn’t accepted as it’s not publically accesible. As a test, I replaced this with the “Public DNS” of the instance (ec2-{elastic_ip} which was accepted but I know this isn’t what’s being asked for

When I completed the setup and ran the config re-check it returns the following warning “The BIND DNS server version 8 or 9 does not appear to be installed on your system, or has not yet been set up properly in Webmin’s BIND DNS Server module … your system is not ready for use by Virtualmin.”

Can anyone advise what I should be entering as the nameservers. Do I get DNS up and running on the instance and point back to the instance or should I be pointing out to my domain registrars nameservers? The domain I mentioned earlier - I plan on using this for the website to be hosted on this instance

Thanks in advance,