the large file devouring the disk space in webmin - 11G miniserv.error

Hi Guys, Help me… please!!
[root@vps1 webmin]# du -hs *

0 blocked

12M cache

15M diffs

0 lookup-domain-cache.dir

4.0K lookup-domain-cache.pag

11G miniserv.error <===== that file is this? It could be deleted without causing me problems?

4.0K miniserv.lastcrons

372K miniserv.log


196K module.infos.cache

972K modules

348K output

0 sessiondb.dir

4.0K sessiondb.pag

My VPS is 20 gb, I have only 8 simple sites with 90MB each, but SWAP use 4gb I have a file that does not know what it means or that he server, a strange name, miniserv.error occupying incredible 11GB !! how is this file? do not understand how my physician is all packed, I’m up to no security backup for lack of space !!

Best Regards.