The installation of Virtualmin stops during the installation phase.

Hello everyone,

The installation of Virtualmin on Ubuntu 22.04 and 24.04 stops during the installation process.

I have attached a screenshot of the stoppage point and the log.

I would appreciate any guidance.

I haven’t installed for a while but I recall that step can take awhile depending on your system hardware. I think I restarted the process when I initially did it and it completed.

20 minutes to an hour should cover it.

It does take a while and all depends on your system and internet.

I can’t think of anything during postinstall of webmin-virtual-server that could hang, but maybe something has been added.

Take a look at ps aux|grep perl

Look for something currently running from one of the Webmin directories…maybe If you see that, run the following command (you’ll probably need to install strace):

strace -p <>

(Obviously, replace “<>” with the actual PID of the process you can see in the ps output above.)

If you don’t see a running, show us what Webmin processes you do see.