the file permissions are 666 but I will I automati

I have a problem that I can not solve, in the panel virtualmin can set permissions subdirectories as I like, so those are ok, while the files AFTER AVERLI CARICATI through proftpd I can not give him rights escuione automatically, maximum I give him 666 while me that I would like them caricasse to 777, in practice I can not give him all the permits.

holetto around that the value umask for files beginning at 666 and not 777 as folders.

how can I do? there is a point where virtualmin can set the permessididefault for files as directories?

If I can help there would be grateful.
I can not solve.

thanks to all.

i don’t understand all of it. It seems like you want to set the file permissions automatically to 777 server wide?

You really don’t want that for all files as it is very risky, a normal file can be at 644.
Per haps for mp3 and such which will need it and other executable files. Often an application (like joomla) has an option to do this so you can (un-)limit it per domain.

I did one trick once and that is to go into filemanager, click the folder, click info, activate “files inherit permissions” and set it to 777.
In that folder I had a script to upload mp3’s and needed 777

would that help some?

yes, it should be great…
i have really need setting upload file to 777 automatically.

help me…tnx

ps: by default set to 777 files but after i would like change this settings manually.

If I knew how I wouldn’t tell you.
I don’t want to have a part in you creating a unsafe server.

Normally a script will set the file permissions. A script like Joomla! will do this and can be managed through its admin panel.

Another way to do it "safely" is to go into filemanager, click the folder, click info, activate "files inherit permissions" and set it to 777.

By doing it through the filemanager you can choose which files in which directory will be 777


No, you don’t, and ProFTPd won’t let you under any circumstances.

777 is never the right mode for any file (some directories, yes, but never a file) on a hosting system. Ever. And lots of tools will fight against you creating 777 mode files–ProFTPd won’t let you do it (but scp or FTP over ssh will)–Apache SuExec won’t execute files with 777. Actually, it won’t execute anything with more than 751 permissions.

So, maybe you should help us help you solve your real problem without using an insanely open mode by telling us what you’re actually trying to accomplish, rather than how you think it ought to be solved. I assure you that mode 777 is not the right solution. :wink:

the problem that I have created a machine which is hosting for my client, I agree with you that the security policy is essential and in fact I permits them I settatoi properly 7ee for directories and 644 for. …
He prò is the score and he tells me, the machine is mine and I want it files and folders are automatically settati after ipload in ftp.

That I have to say? I tried to explain that in all ways that 777 for files are also useless. But he insists.

so here I am here.


not sure i understand it all but I present you my view on this anyways.

if I have a client that wants all files at 777 then
1 this client knows nothing and I have to teach him
2 this client knows everything and wants to abuse my machine

i read an article that over 90% of internet traffic is caused by abuse and spammers. Adding another dangerous machine to the statistics is not what I would want to do.
Personally I would not want to have such clients, but to each their own i guess.

In that case, he’ll have to use scp or FTP over SSH, because ProFTPd will not, under any circumstances, allow an FTP user to create a 777 file. This isn’t something Virtualmin has any control over–it’s just the way the FTP server works, and I’m absolutely certain the ProFTPd people won’t be eager to help you circumvent that protection against user mistakes.

I’m not sure, off-hand, how to set the mask for SSH uploaded files to match what you’re after, as I’ve never done it.

I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer to give, because the tools are going to (rightly) fight you on creating 777 files. Maybe another FTP server (Virtualmin also supports vsftpd with an optional module, though not as fully as ProFTPd) will allow this mode on newly uploaded files. Or maybe you can find a path for ProFTPd to allow it.

Just tell us the locations of some 777 files and directories on that server and we’ll overwrite and hack it to death and your client will ask you to set reasonable permissions. :wink: