The feature *Administration user* cannot be disabled

OS type and version Rocky Linux 8.9
Webmin version latest
Virtualmin version latest
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Just noticed this today something wierd happeing in Virtualmin started after an update…

looks like some modules were deleted magically - clamAV, webalizer

Asked me to recheck the configuration and now I get this: Virtualmin not ready.

The feature *Administration user* cannot be disabled, as it is used by the following virtual servers


Failed to save enabled features : Webalizer does not appear to be installed on your system, or has not yet been set up properly in Webmin’s Webalizer Logfile Analysis module. If your system does not use Webalizer, it should be disabled in Virtualmin’s module configuration page

Was this a system update? A webmin update? A virtualmin update?

If it was WM or VM then you really should supply the versions as requested.

Well since my system dashboard is not working could not find them. Virtualmin update

Understood. But what were you updating?

cat /etc/webmin/version

webmin 2.111 I was updating modules from the update list on the dashboard. The updates went fine- no warnings or errors

So I was able to reinstall webalizer but now I need to install clamAV

SpamAssassin and Procmail are installed and configured for use

The ClamAV program does not appear to be installed on your system. Either adjust the path on the [module configuration](https://xx.xx.xx.xx:10000/virtual-server/edit_newfeatures.cgi) page, or disable this feature

.. your system is not ready for use by Virtualmin

Recommended way to reinstall?

Got it running but I had to disable clamAV from all of my sites. Dashboard looks different - has it changed recently?

I was wondering how old your WM/VM was. I’ve been using for over a year and a half and no real changes on the Dashboard I know of.

Use the package manager interface.

Just to be certain. You were running Webmin and Virtualmin previously and not just Webmin? Have to ask cuz this is getting confusing. Last time I installed Webmin on my home machine the Dashboard was differnt.

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Correct Yes I am using both. I will post a picture I of what I have. The system information widget is missing. The other widgets are there like Stat history but this one is gonzo.

The OS is Centos 8.4.2105 (reported via virtualmin) and not Rocky 8.9, virtualmin does not support Centos 8.x so what happened to cause you to install Centos ?

perhaps this has something to do with it?

Look closer at the screen shot you will see

Module Reported Version Current Version
Webmin 2.105 2.111
Virtualmin 7.9.0 7.10.0
Authentic 21.09.05 21.10.46
Usermin 2.005 2.010
OS Centos 8.4.2105 Unsupported OS

is someone having a joke here the system is so out of date, support maybe impossible

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110 days uptime as well, wow. Maybe try a reboot.

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being a sys admin is a real job and requires some basic level of dedication

I think this is a neglect beyond the point of being a joke :black_joker:

Everyone calm down. The screenshot is a test system and im not having issues with it - its the system that I update that gives me the problem (rocky 8.9) - its up to date and my System information widget is gone - anyone want to chime in that doesnt have something snarky to say?

Please disregard this if you feel it is snarky.

Posting clear questions with pertinent and complete context, not requiring guessing about what you have and what have done and what you are trying to do gets better answers.

Posting screenshots of a system you are not asking about pretty much guarantees confusion.

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I gave up because I never got clear answers to my questions. I’ll try one last time.

You said you updated modules. This is modules.

Packages are the things that show up here with the red alert.

This is an important distinction. I’m GUESSING from context you mean packages?

If you mean packages, it would help to know which packages were updated. This page might help.

Because of the change in dashboard question I asked if you had Webmin only and mistakenly applied Virtualmin over top of it. Again, this is an important distinction. I know it may sound silly and condescending but we need to know that. We have no idea what different means in this context.

Package updates and security updates is what I ran. After running the package updates I had errors (my first post above). The error stated that modules are missing - webalyzer, clamAV. When running recheck configuration it states that Virtualmin is not ready. I reinstalled webalyzer and disabled ClamAV. Ran recheck configuration and virtualmin is ready again but the System Information Widget is missing. I posted the image above from another test system to illustrate that it is this widget that is missing from the system I updated and is still missing- clearly that confused everyone.

Honestly I did not know that you could run webmin WITHOUT virtualmin. Never done that and no plans to do it. The dashboard widget going missing is something I have never experienced before. As for how many packages were updated I think it was around 30 packages including security updates. (I will track down which packages and post them here tomorrow)

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I have created one new virtual server since the update and I get the following error:
Apache website : No Apache virtual host for found

All of the other sites are fine. Something is messed up in the configuration - anyone encountered this issue and a possible fix?

What generated this error? I think RH based systems still use all inclusive httpd.conf or whatever it was called? Did the site configuration get written? Did Apache restart?