The default Apache page seems to be the first domain in the alphabetically list of created virtual sites??

Hi All

How do I force the default page to be the specific “servername.domain.tld” instead of the first domain alphabetically on the lists of available sites created on the server??

If I visit the http://serverip I get showed the first domain on the list?
I would like to change that to the virtual site I have named “servername.domain.tld” which I have created on the server.

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Tim Nielsen

You can do that with the command

Server Configuration -> Website Options -> Default website for IP address?: Yes

Technically this will rename the virtual host config file in Apache for the selected server so that it is the alphabetically first, which Apache uses when an unknown domain name is requested.

Hi Locutus

Thanks a lot for your quick answer / solution :slight_smile:
Just what I needed to do.

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Tim Nielsen

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Happy hosting!