The best backup strategy for Cloudmin/Virtualmin systems

As we know both Virtualmin and Cloudmin have backup options. And if it is clear that for standalone Virtualmin systems (for example, on dedicated servers) it is best to use Virtualmin’s native backup system, it is not when it comes to Virtualmin systems running as Cloudmin guests. Because Cloudmin itself can be configured to take regular backups of guest system images. So I wanted to ask the community who is using what kind of backups to avoid duplicate backup overheads.

I understand that Virtualmin’s backup system is for virtual servers (websites) created within Vurtualmin as Cloudmin’s backup is for guest system images at whole. However, in the essence both types of backups can be used to store and protect the same information - certain state of the websites (document roots + databases).

So what would be the most optimal recommended backup strategy for the websites running on Cloudmin’s Virtualmin guest systems?

You want both. One is a virtual account backup (website), the other is a full server/instance backup. One is like a file level backup, the other would be more like a full disk backup. Actually there are plenty of ways to do backups, file level, block level, etc. Just imagine one is more granular for specific restores, the other is more for server restore or disaster recovery.

There are different type of backups for different type of situations but you don’t have to limit yourself to this options. You can use any backup technology you want or need.