The aside section is blocked

Is this correct, it look like this aside section should be links to subjects on the page but its blocked.

Huh, that’s weird. I don’t even know why that’s there. There’s already a menu with all the sections on the left. @Ilia, what’s up with that? Why is that section even there?

It’s there to maintain the standard layout. On this particular page, the index page of the Documentation, the navigation serves as an overview rather than a navigational tool, unlike other documentation pages.

Maybe a slightly different shaded background to show its different, I went to click in there thinking its links. But no big deal.

Well, that section already emphasizes it by using the cursor not-allowed property.

Though, I’ll keep it in mind. If I work on it in the future, maybe I’ll come up with something better.

That’s ridiculous. That’s way more weird and out of place looking than just not showing it.

It genuinely just looks broken.

I get it, the column on the right is the ToC but on the index page there is no contents so in this case it is just filler to keep the layout the same.

The documentation index page didn’t play well with the TOC code. But I’ve fixed it now!

Thanks for the heads up!


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