Thanks for the awesome System Statistics

Just wanted to show my appreciation for you guys. The new System Statistics functionality is so cool. I was thinking about running some logger daemon for recording those things and now I don’t have to. Simply fantastic.

Thanks for the kind words, matti. It’s great to know we’re on the right track.

You’ll see more of that sort of thing going forward. It’s just too good of an idea not to use it everywhere we can. :wink:

Hi Guys,

I don’t get the statistics to show!
I’m using Firefox, latest updates.

And why is my browser blocking 8 scripts trying to communicate with when I open some statistics page on my server? Does the scripts collect or give away some info?

Best regards,
Leif Blafors

Hey Leif,

No, there’s just some hard-coded paths in the JavaScript library that we’re using for plotting. We’re removing them as we find them and calling local versions instead–it should be fixed in the next release. It’s harmless…no data is being sent to MIT for insidious experiments on Virtualmin users, it’s just loading some static files. :wink:

Thanks Joe,

I always block all cookies(except session cookies), and just add the sites I "trust" in my trusted list.

I did not want to add to my trusted list before I knew what it was doing, and I also did think the blocked scrips was the reason why my statistics didn’t work.