Thank you to Eric, and why I finally have Virtualmin Pro

I think it is truly amazing that Eric provides so much free and helpful support to everyone, usually involving things that have little or nothing to do with Virtualmin, and it speaks volumes of the company that there is so much functionality in a free version with free support.

Today, after finishing another server migration I begged my way into enough money to pay for a license for Virtualmin Pro and sent the $139 off to the company. It is the best way I can think of to say thank you for more than a year of great software and solid support.

Now that I have Virtualmin Pro I have to say it is as if someone changed a 40 W light to a 100 W one. The view is better from here, and the support is fast, too.

If you can find the money, do yourself a favour and purchase a license.

Thanks for your kind words, and we’re thrilled that you bought Virtualmin Pro!