Text browser for accessing virtualmin & webmin

Hi dragons,

does anybody know browser which can access virtualmin in text mode?
I mean text browser.
I’ve tried elinks and lynx links etc. - but with no success.
Maybe I have to configure something more than default.

Elinks supports frames but maybe there will be a problem with javascript.

It would be very userful if anyone can point me to template for example or if Joe will say, that it is impossible I will accept it as done think.


You probably want to use the mobile theme for this. It’s certainly not impossible.

Try hitting Virtualmin using a m.domain.tld style address (which should trigger Webmin’s mobile mode), or create a user just for use from links/elinks/lynx and set their theme to the virtual-server-mobile theme.

Thanks for advice.

Many thanks!

Just for others who wants to use text browser for opening virtualmin.

I’ve got success with lynx - elinks wasn’t able to got into admin system. Don’t know why.

elinks will work IF you login then clear the cache – it’s a crappy bug that I have reported over a year ago and they won’t fix.

When you login you get the same login screen so clean the cache for elinks then reload/refresh the page.

Thanks for good notice ;o)))

I like elinks more than lynx.