Terminal vs Console Vs Command line

I am from the Windows world and have truly put my foot into the waters of Linux but I was wondering what was the best terms to use for the command line and if Terminal and Console are actually the same thing or if there is context to when you should use them.

Terminal I would say. That why they use that name in the GUI. Terminal gives you access to the cli.
found this, I’ve never really thought about the difference.

@stefan1959 thanks

  • console is the physically connected monitor and keyboard at the PC.
  • Terminal is the software like in the dashboard or putty.
  • the command line is the thing they all give you access to.

back in the (good old) days before we all had Windows to look out of
terminals only showed characters (a bit like telex machines)

then someone invented the “smart phone” and we lost the will to understand there were other names for things.

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wonder what ‘smart phones’ have to do with it ? More Likely to be an issue with the ‘nice guys’ at microsoft who try to dominate the world of IT

and where would the world be without them … still using Commodor PETs, Amstrad CPCs, and BBC Micros

Using debian or redhat I would guess, with perhaps a gem desktop. Don’t forget there were many options back then many versions of dos drdos ezdos etc. I used drdos and desqview back then which in it’s day was great

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