temporal domain name for a new web site

I’m migrating a website from another host to my server with virtualmin; but I want to test the website before make the domain name to point to the new location. Is there a temporal name for a new web site I can use to test the migration?

Hrm, I can’t find this in the “new” documentation, so it probably hasn’t been ported over yet.

What I’m providing below is a link to old, evil, unmaintained documentation :slight_smile: There will be a newer and better one up soon.

However, to get you started, this (old, unmaintained) link has 3 options listed for how to accomplish what you’re after. One of the best ways is what’s mentioned in the last 2 paragraphs – making use of Virtualmin’s alias option.

But another simple one is to use the “Preview Website” option in Virtualmin.

[Edit] Oops, forgot to add the link: http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/id,frequently_asked_questions/#how_do_i_make_domains_available_before_the_dns_changes_are_made_at_the_registrar


Ill provide a 4th options and that is to create a top level server as a “subdomain”.
you need a domain already running on your server though (such as your hostname -> client.hostname.tld).
Afterwards you can simply change the domain name.

Since it is created as a top level domain, it is an independent server with its own user and password, just like any regular domain.

yeah, third method was the best. thanks!!