Telegram - Server Notifications - Storage - System status + CPU and Memory + future extras

Tested on Debian 10
Virtualmin installed by script installer

For directions on how to create a Telegram Bot >> How to create a Telegram Chatbot | SendPulse

Always have a system backup or try this out in a testing environment.

View all installation files at:

If you use the - Raw file here!

You will need to input:

  • Which location you would like to install the scripts.

  • Your telegram bot credentials.

  • What percentage you would like to receive HD Storage alarm.

  • Various reset times.

  • Which partition you would like to monitor.

  • Which system services you would like monitor.

Each service can easily be disabled if you don’t want to use all of them…

Mods and improvements welcomed! Telegram: Join Group Chat to my mobile.

There’s always a better way to do something. So if you are willing to improve this with code tweaks. Chime in!

If you are just wishing to self promote. Please take out an advert :laughing:

This is placed online as Free and Open Source.
Improve, enjoy, share.

Namaste :pray:




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Timed - POSTFIX activity reports added - Sent to telegram messenger

  • You’ll need to install pflogsumm for this to work.

The reports are sent as a file attachment to Telegram.

You can pick two times of the day you would like to receive reports or edit the timer to add more, or send just one at the end of the day…


There’s a lot more info on the file when you scroll your file in Telegram.

The install script has been re written to let you choose which notifications you would like to set up, as some people may already have notifications for some of these via email.

There is also an UNINSTALL script to wipe and change your settings if you dont want to manually edit the files.

@happycoding this is nice, however you can have cron with one simple bash to get task done… no need to install any 3th party packages… like pflogsum etc… why would you need it to if one script can do this for you?

I guess, you still learn otherwise I would not simply advice anyone on internet just following blindly any bash or bash + install that and this manual - this is just bad habit and could be dangerous. anyway please if you publish some github repo out gain some stars before advancing average users to do this and that. your guide is not fully open source and also does not explain everything user should know but it also eat server resources… be it minimal but some of us count everything.

btw test your settings for ubuntu also on debian otherwise you will lead users to deadly and dangerous stuff.

…and stop advising and copying others people work… as your own code.

Ok can go back to cron if that’s better! Will re write the install script. Just finished making the script have options on the install, rather than installing all notifications…
Will be easier to edit when more facilities are added to it!

I do not claim I’ve written the whole thing.
To be clearer this is now in the read me and a shorter version the main description:

Please be aware this script is compiled with my knowledge and snippets found across forums/web pages. Should have made a note of them really. Thanks for the snippets guys.
If you would like a credit on this GIT, drop me a message and I’ll add ya!
Better still join in and lets get some more notifications added… Or clone it and improve!
Progress is always good…"

The goal is people having fun facilities for free open source! Not seeking customers or credit.

It’s out there as open source for improvement and is working great on my wee virtual machine resource wise. Maybe better when run in cron!

I will test on other distros… Gotta get the time. Will prioritize that!

Information always appreciated.
If you can point out more of my bad habits. That’s great!

namaste :pray:

CSF alerts added:

IP bans, SSH login, Webmin login notifications etc from CSF/LFD.
On boot, you will currently receive all the boot up notes. Looking at filtering those out.

Fail2Ban next!

System coping well with all notifications on!


*Grabs popcorn for more negativity

Good work, @happycoding. Thanks for continuing to develop this and sharing it with us.


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Hey @calport
Thank you for your kind words.
Am thoroughly enjoying the time spent on it.

Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

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