hi, I run a teamspeak server and would like to know how I can create a DNS entry so that when someone types in it points to thier teamspeak port)

does this make any sense?

many thanks,

DNS does not do ports. DNS is for mapping names to IP addresses. The ports are up to the client to decide, and DNS has nothing to say on the subject, at all.

So, no. This doesn’t make sense. Now, if I knew what teamspeak was, I might be able to lend further guidance… :wink:

But, here’s what I can tell you:

If teamspeak speaks its own protocol and normally listens on 8769, you shouldn’t need to “point” anything to that port. The clients should already be making requests on that port, and all you have to do is provide the name, which DNS can do easily (just add a ts record to the Server Template “BIND DNS domain” section in the additional records field).

If teamspeak is just a web application that happens to have it’s own server, and the clients are regular web browsers…and you want to avoid having them have to explicitly state the port, you can still achieve what you’re after. It’s not quite as easy, but it’s not difficult, either.

If you only have one IP address to work with, and you need regular web service on port 80, then you can create a ts virtual server that is configured to proxy to your teamspeak server (you could also put it on a path, like, but you’ve explicitly asked about a domain, so that’ll work, too, though it’s a couple of extra steps). I believe Virtualmin can create proxy forwarding virtual servers…this might be appropriate for this case.

The other option, if you have more than one IP, would be to have the teamspeak server listen on port 80 on a different IP, and point the ts name record in BIND to the second IP. This one extremely easy to implement…just move teamspeak to that second IP address (usually via a "listen" directive or similar) and move it to the standard web port 80 or the HTTPS port of 443 (if it is a secure connection with SSL).

So, perhaps that gets you moving in the right direction? Feel free to follow up with more specific queries about which of these sounds like the right choice for you, and where you need help getting it spinning.

teamspeak is a voice chat server, similar to Ventrillo and skype. but it is scalable, and highly configurable. you can run multiple virtual servers (each with its own tcp/udp port) and in my case the server I need to port forward is running on port 8769. right now they connect to it by going to, but I would like to set it up so they can type in an actual url, like or something like that

You still haven’t told me if the client is a regular web browser. You can’t proxy with Apache (or Virtualmin’s proxying features, since it just sets up Apache), if the client and server aren’t talking HTTP. :wink:

i have a teamspeak server under /home/teamspeak
i can connect to it with any domain under /home as long as the port is correct and my login credentials too obviously

Each TS server requires its own port though
if using other IP’s then you can log into it with any domain listed on that IP.

so if you want then make sure that domain exists and is working on your server.

what I haven’t tried, but should be possible is to create a sub-server as a top-level server and set it to listen to 8769

Ill try it out myself today…

allright I just tested this and it is working.
I created the sub-server and in apache changed the listen port to 8767
restarted apache and in the teamspeak client just added and it successfully connected.