T-Shirts ? :)


just Wondering, Anyway we can get hands on those T-Shirts. I would sure like one!! :slight_smile:


Hey Faisal,

And we’d love to send you one! I’ve been trying to figure out how to send a message to all of our customers, without spamming them…Since we don’t collect shipping address or T-shirt size in the shopping cart, I don’t know what to send or where to send it. But I’ve got over 100 shirts left to send out–sizes M-XXL. Everybody who’s bought any Virtualmin Professional product is on the list to receive one, but I didn’t think far enough ahead and collect the right information during checkout. Send me your shipping address and preferred size, and a T-shirt will go out in the next batch!

I need to take a half an hour to add a new form to the website on the “Your Account” page so that folks who are interested in receiving promotional stuff (not spam, or junk mail…just good stuff like T-Shirts and coffee mugs and assorted cool stuff…I’m excited enough about how cool the shirts look that we’ll be getting lots of stuff printed up in the future). Maybe I can get to that form tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to send it over via email (joe at virtualmin dot com).

Yep…Gotta get these shirts out to folks. I can only where two or three at a time. :wink:


Sent you my details. This is a great form of free advertising :slight_smile: i know i’ll be wearing mine to the university :slight_smile: