SYSTEMD (just ignore the rest of this title, the forum requires it to be at least 15 characters long )

SystemD. What a tar ball that has been. I also hated “systemd and journalctl”… but finally realized it was just because of Linus Torvalds ranting about not liking the guy who created systemd… turns out… it works. It does not trash our servers. It was just “hype” or the “stubborn refusal to buy newer hardware” or “keep up with the times” or “not be a Torvalds follower” or some attitude.

I remember when someone said it’s “NOT THE LINUS OPERATING SYSTEM” but it’s actually the “GNU LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM” with a “linus kernel.” The guy who pointed it out to me was one of those “freedom fanatics” so I kept my distance, but I realized that GNU LINUX has NOTHING to do with LINUS… we just associated the first 4 letters, I guess, and assumed.

I really wish we had another kernal available for linux so we could just let the “linus kernel” go away.

I remember going thru the same stress when Microsoft came out with “Active Directory”… and now people can’t live without it. Novell was the king (queen?) for years for one reason – IT HAD A DIRECTORY WHEN NO ONE ELSE DID. The same will hold true for SystemD… it will be the one thing that propels linux into the future.

Flat text files were so lovely for so long, but then along came INI files, we complained. Then came XML files, we complained. Then came JSON files, we complained. At least I did… : )

So… this is a big THANK YOU to the Virtualmin dev team… for pushing us into the 21st (22nd?) century even though we might sometimes kick or scream.

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