System unresponsive when backing up and transfering the backup to FTP


My server is becoming highly unresponsive when is doing the backups as well as when the backup file(s) are transferred to the FTP location (outside the server but inside the DC).
Is there a way to limit the speed of the FTP transfer when the backups are transferred outside the server? As the FTP location is inside the same DC, the connection is Gigabit and hence is using all available bandwidth, something that slows the server to the point where its unresponsive (or at least this is how it looks like from out an outside DSL connection).

I have already changed the location of the tmp folder that webmin uses when creating the backups to be on a separate drive altogether however this didn’t change much. The system is way TOO SLOW when the backup process is running.

Any ideas?


There isn’t a built-in way to limit the FTP transfer speed.

However, if you only have Virtualmin store the backups locally on your server, you could then transfer them later using a tool such as rsync, which does have bandwidth limiting functionality.