System statistics improvements

Hi guys

I have just done the most recent update to Virtualmin version 3.91.gpl GPL. In the New Virtualmin Features list where I found the System statistics improvements but when I clicked the Try it … Link all I get is Error - File not found. Any help would be appreciated



Well, that’s unfortunately a Virtualmin Pro feature. But it sounds like a bug that you receive a 404 error, we should probably have a nicer way of handling that :slight_smile:

I’ll talk to Jamie about cleaning that up a bit… thanks!


Hi Eric

Maybe a good idea would be for it to NOT appear in the New Virtualmin Features list on GPL systems.

Just a suggestions.


Well, any 404 error is a bug; so we’d either need to display a nifty screen that explains what that feature would do, or not show the feature at all.

After speaking with Jamie, it sounds like it shouldn’t display at all – but that apparently didn’t work properly :slight_smile: So he’ll have a fix for that next Virtualmin release.

Thanks for the heads up!