System Information very slow to load


I don’t think I am less patient than before, but system information seems to take a lot longer to load now than it used to. I was working on the system - I updated my security certificates and closed down some security holes, but I am not sure why that would make this process take longer. I did not spot anything in the various log files. Any ideas? (Not that this matters greatly, but if this is indicative of something that I did wrong, I would like to try to fix the issue.)

The problem could be with the server, e.g. oversold or old hardware or something else. There are many things what could happen but before you start with anything try 2 or even 3 different browser with empty cache and see if anything changes. For example i notice that CP is opening much slower on Firefox than Opera and probably the same will be with Chrome.

If this doesnt change anything then depending if you have VPS or dedi you can use several methods how to test some/all server components.

The problem relates to some network issue that I cannot figure out. Will create a new post.