System Information - IP Address not Updated

Hi there,

I’d changed the IP address on my AWS instance… then found out that the Apache2 server was not working until I’d edited manually via the terminal, the individual virtual host files, one by one, to remove the old IP address from the first line i.e.
changing from

< VirtualHost *:80 [xx.xx.xx.xx]:80 >


< VirtualHost *:80 >

Then, I found out on Virtualmin that the virtual hosts have different ipv4 and ipv6 addresses. The strange thing is the ipv4 has the new IP address while the ipv6 has the old IP address (unchanged).

Now, even the System Information page shows the ‘IP Address Allocation’ part incorrectly. It shows something like the following:-

xx.xx.xx.xx (Default IP) 21 virtual servers
xx.xx.yy.yy (Private IP) 16 virtual servers

The Default IP is the correct new IP address (but has more than actual virtual hosts i.e. 19) whereas the Private IP shows the old IP address (and appears as ipv6 address on 11 of the virtual hosts)

How can I get these updated?

  1. the ipv6 address of individual virtual hosts

  2. the info displayed on the System Information page

I’d already clicked ‘Refresh system information’ on the top right. It doesnt’ work.

Running on:

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 14.04.2

Webmin version 1.770
Virtualmin version 4.18.gpl