System Info disk space accuracy


When I log in to VirtualMin under System Information, the disk space used shows 180gb. However when I run a df -H on my ssh, it shows 90gb used.
Any one knows what causes the discrepency? Is it just a coincidence that Virtualmin displays double the space used reported by Linux command line?

Thank you!

System Information shows an aggregation of all disk usage. (Which is maybe questionable utility in a system with many filesystems.)

What’s the output of df -h? I’m pretty sure we’re getting that info from df, so it’s the same original data, Virtualmin is just interpreting it differently than you are. (And, Virtualmin may be wrong about how to interpret it.) :wink:

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your response. It helped me look at the issue from a different perspective

I just learnt that Linux takes 5% of disk space and reserves it for ‘root’ so that it can funcion when the drive gets full(er). One can see the reserved block using sudo tune2fs -l

df -h doesn’t include the reserved space in its report. But when I add it up, the disk used space is ultimately what Virtualmin reports.

Could also just substract ‘avail’ from disk ‘size’ rather than looking at ‘used’ and assume that the shortage is the reserved block.