System Configuration fails after Version 7.10 update on one VM

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Webmin version 2.105
Usermin version 2.005
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Theme version 21.09.5
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

As many here will have gathered over time, I have several VM in several countries/regions from a number of providers.

All have been set up in the same way (DNS managed by the VM provider’s system not by Webmin/Virtualmin, all with multiple VS, all with mail - working) they have all been set up with a fake tld (e.g. china.fred.tld)

This morning I have just updated all boxes in response to package update prompt to update Webmin/Virtualmin to v7.10.

Everything went well except for one VM. where I was prompted to Recheck configuration

and doing so displays this error!

I am obviously curious as why this error ONLY on this VM?

Evidently, a Postfix problem. So where to go to fix it?

I think the title of the post in misleading, and needs to be adjusted, as it has nothing to do with Virtualmin 7.10.0 upgrade.

I think you should just check your Postfix config file.

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But the problem has arisen ONLY after that upgrade. nothing else was changed on any box and they were all running OK yesterday (including email) so has the upgrade done something with Postfix?

I will look in to see what is different between the erroring VM and a working VM.

Are you confident about this? Did you perform a config check before starting the upgrade to Virtualmin 7.10.0 on this system?

Not immediately before, but probably at some point last week. I don’t tend to do that unless something appears to be amiss. It certainly was not prompting prior to the upgrade.

I think I have found the problem. checking the file:
There was a couple of discrepancies:
1 the line myhostname was being set to one of the domain names
2 the line mydestination was missing the actual myhostname (china.fred.tld) and the localhost.china.fred.tld

correcting these lines fixes the notice to recheck configuration.
It makes me wonder how long has this been like this. with mail appearing to work?

I’m pretty sure that’s a new check @Jamie just added. But, I think it’s a little bit misleading. Mail can work in this case (but not always, and it’s not recommended), and suggesting changes to Postfix config might be the wrong place to fix it (but maybe not, if the mydestination line has been altered from the default).

The simplest configuration is to not name your system the same as a Virtualmin domain, and to not touch the defaults for mydestination/myorigin/mydomain/myhostname in Postfix as those have exciting side effects that most people don’t understand. It seems like mydestination was altered previously, and/or something is amiss in /etc/hosts. It’s not clear from the error what Virtualmin is actually complaining about, at least, not to me…and, mail wasn’t bouncing before, so I think Virtualmin is misinterpreting the situation.

@Stegan, check your mail logs from before the change. Did you have mail loops back to myself warnings?

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A new check would explain it being implied as to v7.10.

Nothing in the log history that seemed out of place.

I am bewildered by Postfix, and no idea why the myhostname' pointed to an existing domain name and not the *fake/real hostname* china.fred.tldas it should (and does now) themydestination` still contains a domain name which remains out of sync with the other VMs. So I guess I should remove that.

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